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Türkiye-Germany Investment Conference

Last Updated on Haziran 12, 2024 by Ideal Editor

Türkiye-Germany Investment Conference Highlights Türkiye’s Competitive Edges

Showcasing Türkiye’s Investment Landscape

The Investment Office hosted the Türkiye-Germany Investment Conference themed “Türkiye as an Investment Destination” at the Turkish Embassy in Berlin. The event brought together business leaders and public officials from both Türkiye and Germany, providing a valuable platform to showcase Türkiye’s dynamic investment landscape. This conference emphasized how the Türkiye-Germany Investment Conference highlights Türkiye’s competitive edges.

Keynote Address by Investment Office President

A key feature of the conference was the address by Investment Office President A. Burak Dağlıoğlu, who characterized Türkiye as a “resilient and fast-growing economy.” Dağlıoğlu presented Türkiye as a stable and attractive option for European investors, even in the face of global economic challenges such as fluctuating energy prices, supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and climate change.

Türkiye’s Competitive Advantages

During his address, Dağlıoğlu emphasized Türkiye’s numerous value propositions. He highlighted the country’s extensive talent pool, seamless integration into global value chains, diversified production capabilities, and advanced infrastructure, all of which offer significant competitive advantages to international investors. He extended a warm invitation to German companies to leverage these advantages for mutual benefit, reiterating how the Türkiye-Germany Investment Conference highlights Türkiye’s competitive edges.

Stability in Energy and Trade

Dağlıoğlu also stressed the stability of energy prices in Türkiye, supported by its diverse energy sources and growing renewable energy production. Additionally, he highlighted the benefits of tariff-free trade facilitated through the Customs Union, which simplifies the investment process.

Overview of Türkiye’s Economy

Providing an overview of Türkiye’s economy, Dağlıoğlu noted its robust growth, averaging 5.2 percent annually over the past two decades. He pointed to Türkiye’s resilience, citing the absence of a banking crisis in the last 20 years and a notably low public debt-to-GDP ratio.

Strategic Location and Macroeconomic Reforms

Discussing Türkiye’s industrial and logistical strengths, Dağlıoğlu highlighted the country’s unique strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. He also mentioned ongoing macroeconomic reforms and an investor-friendly environment with access to a market of 1.2 billion people.

Strong Bilateral Trade Relations

With bilateral trade between Germany and Türkiye reaching USD 50 billion, Dağlıoğlu highlighted the strong historical and economic ties between the two countries. The Türkiye-Germany Investment Conference highlights Türkiye’s competitive edges and solidifies the partnership between these two economic powerhouses.

In summary, the Türkiye-Germany Investment Conference highlights Türkiye’s competitive edges and reaffirms its position as a premier investment destination. The event underscored the robust economic ties between Türkiye and Germany, encouraging further collaboration and investment.

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